About Sinful Toffee

“I love to make the Toffee that you love to eat!"

Kay Foster and her Toffee Team have been making Sinful Toffee since early 2012. Sinful Toffee is all natural and made with the finest Belgian chocolate. Kay makes the Toffee in round Slabs. She smothers both sides with Belgian chocolate then sprinkles the Slab with chopped walnuts and walnut dust. The result is her scrumptious Sinful Toffee.

Sinful Toffee is unique because it is made and presented in 12 inch Slabs and 8 inch Slabs. This unique feature, along with the amazing quality and delectable taste, makes this toffee absolutely Sinful. Pick up Sinful Toffee as a gift or a party dessert, for corporate gifts or wedding favors, and, of course, simply as a Sinful extravagance for yourself!

So, go ahead and indulge!

For more information, please visit the Sinful Toffee FAQs