What is the shelf life of my Sinful Toffee?

Sinful Toffee has a 4-6 month shelf life, if you make it that long! You can refrigerate it for longer.

What makes Sinful Toffee unique?

Sinful Toffee is a special artisnal toffee made into 1 pound piece and 1/2 pound piece. Most toffee is sold in broken pieces (like our bags filled with 1/4 pound pieces) as it is very difficult to maintain the round shape throughout the cooking process. You will be sure to impress with Sinful Toffee!

Where can I buy Sinful Toffee?

If you have an Ohio mailing address, visit our online shop! 

If you are in the Toledo Metro area, stop by one of the vendors our locations sold page!

If you are out of state but friends of Sinful Toffee, please reach out to Sinful Toffee Staff about placing an order or fill out a contact form!

What is the powdery discoloration that can occur on the chocolate? Can I still eat it?

The powdery discoloration you see is called bloom. This occurs when there is a significant warm temperature change. The cocoa butter melts and then is solidified leaving the tan dust like film on the chocolate. If you find bloom, don't worry! Bloom is sometimes a part of all natural chocolate, with no preservatives, is consumable and don't affect the favor of Sinful Toffee! Enjoy!

Who do I contact for special orders?

For special orders, please visit the Sinful Toffee Contact Us page. Please allow for two weeks for your special order to be crafted and 1 week for shipping. 

Who do I contact about wholesale purchasing?

You can visit the Ohio Wholesale portion of Sinful Toffee's website to fill out an inquiry form.

What sizes can I buy Sinful Toffee?

Currently there are three options: 1 pound piece (16 ounces), 1/2 pound piece(8 ounces) or a 1/4 bag of pieces (4 ounces). You will find all three options at the Sinful Toffee online shop or at these Sinful Toffee vendors! For custom orders, please contact the Sinful Toffee staff through the Contact Us page!

I am out of state and can't order Sinful Toffee on your site. Why?

Currently Sinful Toffee is only allowed to sell online to Ohio addresses, at vendors and to friends of Sinful Toffee staff. We are working to have sales all across the United States. In the meantime, if you are friends of Sinful Toffee staff send them an email or phone call! Otherwise, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with changes in shipping!

When should I buy Sinful Toffee?

Sinful Toffee is great for hostess gifts, for wedding favors, anniversaries, holidays, for your co-worker, a 'get out of trouble' gift, for teacher gift, to put on your choice of ice cream, to indulge with your morning coffee, the reasons are endless!

What allergens are in Sinful Toffee?

Sinful Toffee has walnuts, Belgian dark chocolate and butter.

Can I substitute the walnuts on top of Sinful Toffee for a different type of nut?

Sinful Toffee can be special ordered with any nut topping you want! For custom orders, please visit the Sinful Toffee Contact Us page.

When will my order ship?

Sinful Toffee orders are filled as received. Sinful Toffee appreciates a week window to fulfill your order!